miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

“Things get damage, things get broken…”

Well, I’ve learnt an important lesson: Now I know that feelings can get damage, and hearts can be broken too. But, what could happen when some other look at you in some way that you aren’t? After all, it supposes that people know what they do and what not. In my case, in first place is acting, and then thinking. Why? Why my brain had to treason myself? Now the time is gone; it’s silly to feel sadness in a moment like this… It’s ok, nobody understands my pain, but now I only have to hide my painful tears and fake my smile.

Damn my situation; there’s no one who can help me. There’s no one who want to do it. Why? Well, I’ve been a fool, now I have to stand it.

Damn my education; I have no more words to say. Can’t you see? I’m dying inside. Can’t you see that I’m too sorry about the shit I’ve done? Oh please god, are you there? Wake me from the nightmare where I am.

This time, I was who turned the knife with no mercy. I’m sorry, I now that it’s too late; wish some day you can trust me again, that some day we can be friends, just like we used to be. Hate me, damn me, hurt me, but I only want you to listen.

The punishment is hard; I hope that it fix my crime.

HeadCrusherr OVER.

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