jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Broken, Beat…”

But not scarred yet. My wounding steel bleeding, my heart steel crying and your head steel blocked. So hard it’s to understand that I’ve felt? It’s ok that you don’t care anything about me, but what have to care, is that I’m being truth to you, I’ve always been truth. Now, tell me, it’s very necessary being so cold and so cruel once I’ve recognized what I‘ve done? I won’t explain again. You take it or loose it; this time you preferred to loose.

Sorry for you; I really loved you… Wow, stop. Love or loved? Well, you didn’t do anything, this time was me, but you tried to hurt and break me while was being pure, sincerely. I’m sorry, but I can’t be perfect for you darling. I have a lot of mistakes on my shoulders, and

I have to carry them as I can. Now, you’re haughty and proud; I’m fragile. You might think I’m strong or big… Or like a stone just like you. Sorry boy, you’re wrong… But you’re not the only one.

I made my mistakes and know I have no place where to hide. I can’t run away from destiny, I only have to face it and all his friends. The unique problem here is that you hate me. Well, “shit happens, but life goes on”... What’s the matter if I don’t want to continue with this shit I have to live? Being a fucking optimist, lie all the time or face it? Ok, the world against me. Who do you think that will win? …

I’m sick of this life

HeadCrusherr OVER.

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