miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2012


  I was smoking Mary Jane in my Darkest Hour, saying My Last Words before Rusting in Peace on Devil’s Island inside Hangar 18, on Black Friday while sweating bullets. Settin’ de World Afire and Loving it to Death. I was in my secret place. Then I heard a Symphony of Destruction… and Wake up Dead in a Holy War, woken up by the Five Magics, enforced by the dawn patrol. All in 44 minutes. That was my life
      Dave, Back in the Day, in my Darkest Hour, when I was dancing on the Breadline, you gave me Trust. Now, I can tell A Tout le Monde, you’re not a Liar; you made your Promises. Who disagrees, Crush’em. You guided us to Victory. What’s then? I’m Almost Honest. Because of you, I Never Walk Alone, I’m not anymore an Addicted to Chaos. I’ll be There for you. Always. Your She-wolf.

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  1. se nota que megadeth es tu vida lml *0*! eres grosa como escritora,siempre leo tu blog en especial si se trata de megadeth lml espero la siguiente con ansias :D


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