martes, 5 de junio de 2012

Society vs. Mustaine

Yeah ok, Dave supports Rick Santorum… Yeah ok, Dave is a Christian. Yeah ok, shut the fuck up. He’s still fucking Dave Mustaine. People are allowed to have different views than you. GET OVER IT.
(This Tumblr post gave me the idea to write some lines about the subject)
I’m fucked. Yes, there are some things that freak me out. I mean, dude, what the fuck is your problem if someone you love and admire has different thoughts? Are you going to be upset? What will you say about him or her?  What a stupid way to stop admiring the person you thought he or she was your idol.
Everything started some days ago, while I was looking for some Mustaine’s images to change my twitter background and save one or two to start drawing a portrait of him (It’ll be awful, I know, any way, I’ll try). As people know (the ones who know the page) most of things are images or texts about anything you want, and the majority of things written on this page (Tumblr) are in English, so I said ‘damn man, I’m on the mood to write in English, getting inspired by those shitty comments’ so one afternoon, like two weeks ago, during the geography and English class, I decided to express my rage writing some lines about this.
The thing is the following… I could read some texts talking about him (apart from his music), the ones I understood, and I couldn’t believe my eyes… A person, a musician like him, being such an asshole just for being Christian? Being a douchebag for not supporting gay marriage? Bring criticised like that for talking about starving people in Africa, giving his point of view? Come on guys, everybody says whatever they want. It doesn’t care if he’s o he’s not famous, he has rights to express himself, too. Apart from that, he’s a Christian… Let’s face it, the 98% of them have narrow minds and the support everything the Pope and the church say, including the “put a plug on it” (referring to women in Africa).
I support the gay marriage since I’m an atheist and want equal rights to everybody, but not because of this I can talk in a shitty way about a Christian... Well we’re talking about Dave Mustaine.
Apart from the religion, some others talk about politics. Dude, is that SO important? What’s the difference between being a Republican or a Democrat if you are in the musical industry? Do the political preferences have any influence on the taste of one group? Since I’m not American,  I can’t talk much about politics from there (I don’t talk about Argentinian’s either, cause I don’t get on with it), but the few ideas I have about Republicans are negative. SO WHAT? I don’t care about political preferences if I like a person (as singer, actor, writer,  friend, whatever); I know people that are pro K, even some friends of mine. I’m not pro K because I don’t like the Kirchnerist’s party (our president’s party), but not because of this, I go on life saying ‘Oh, they support Kirchner, they deserve to die’. That’s something really stupid.Back to our Mustaine… Dude, he sings excellent, he plays the guitar like the gods, he has the ability to write beautiful and great songs, he’s a committed father and husband, and he’s very charismatic with the audience, at least with the Argentinian one. As many people know, there are a lot of groups and artists that this audience is the best in the world; Mustaine says it’s his favourite… That’s why last year the show was so short; he wasn’t in conditions to give it, but he did, although he had his neck injured. He said “I didn’t want to disappoint my favourite public”.
Apart from that, about 7 years ago, when he filmed the That One Night he gave a sort of free show. You know, no artist wants to do something like that. He took his guitar, walked out from the hotel, he crossed out the street and sat on the grass of a park. Then he started to play as if he was a normal guy. I mean, I know he is normal, but if one day I see Mustaine playing the guitar at a park as he wasn’t famous, I’ll probably die. Then, when he was starting to play, you can see that, in a few, many metalheads were surrounding him (and the others Megadeth’s members, who also seemed to be happy) singing and clapping. If he repeats this at any moment, I’d like to die beside him.
You see? It shouldn’t have to influence your political preferences, your religion or your points of view if you are a good musician and a good man. I love him; he’s almost one of my biggest idols and a person who I really admire. So, you, gang of assholes, stop saying shit about him just because he think’s different. First, learn some things about him, then try to reach his musical/human level, then, you can talk.
And that’s how I finish my first text written entirely in English. Long life to Mustaine, Megadeth and Heavy Metal!

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  1. javitoclavounclavitoqueclavitoclavojavito6 de junio de 2012, 4:17

    Amor, creo que es una de las mejores entradas que hiciste, ME ENCANTO.

  2. javitoclavounclavitoqueclavitoclavojavito6 de junio de 2012, 4:18

    y la entendi toda :3


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