jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

Iron Maiden got us all!

[Lo que van a leer a continuación es simplemente un trabajo que me fue pedido en el curso del FCE. Sí, generalmente estos writings tienden a ser un embole, las temáticas son aburridas y uno escribe lo primero que se le ocurre para zafar, pero esto se me dio justo porque me fue pedido con el recuerdo fresquito. Aparte de eso, cuenta de una forma muy resumida cómo fue mi experiencia en el recital de Iron Maiden. Sí, obviamente obvié, recorté y sinteticé muchísimas cosas porque no podía excederme tanto en la cantidad de palabras. Ahora sí, los invito a leer. Oh, bueno, en lo que respecta a mi ausencia, les pido disculpas. Me estoy esmerando en hacer textos “bien”, además, últimamente ni estoy en la computadora, por lo que estoy escribiendo sobre papel. No se preocupen queridos lectores anónimos, volveré a la normalidad como antes.]

I have to tell you about one of my favourite bands ever. Although they’re on the heavy metal scene since 1975, Steve Harris and his boys are still blowing minds and kicking asses in every show worldwide! As on the last September 27 th , they gave an amazing show for more than 6O.OOO fans at River Plate Stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
One of the things I like most about them is that there are no differences between the disc and the performance on stage… The voices, the energy, the instruments, they are eve better live! But the most attractive thing of their shows is the scenery, and the giant robots they use to personalize their mascot -Eddie the Head. This time they used three (Imagine… Three giant robots in a single show. It was a madness!), apart from the firebombs and fireworks.
There were two things I didn’t like, but they were not up to the band at all. First of all, there was a problem with the two giant screens. The image was bad and the colours were horrible. The other thing was about the contention fences, there was trouble and they started to move, putting in a giant risk to the people who were near them (for example, me). The organization was quite bad -Thanks to Fenix Group.
Judging from this show, they’ll be one of the best performers of classical heavy metal ever. If you like this kind of music, don’t miss Iron Maiden 2O14! You’ll love it. And pay attention, next year they’re coming with new material.

Up the Irons!

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